The benefits

How free bus travel can help you

Free bus travel opens doors

With free bus travel, it’s easier, cheaper and greener than ever to get around.

  • Choose the bus and go green. Using low-emission and lower carbon public transport improves air quality in towns and cities by reducing car journeys. It all helps to make Scotland cleaner and greener.
  • Open up opportunities and unlock your potential. Whether it’s a chance to travel further afield for work, study or apprenticeships, or you simply want to see more of Scotland, free bus journeys make it easier to hop on board and enjoy life.
  • Save money on the costs of travel and reduce household outgoings. Free bus travel will help to ensure equality of opportunity for children and young people in Scotland – building life skills, confidence and independence. You can read more about offers, tips on saving money, benefits and find some helpful links on the Young Scot website.
  • Jump on the bus and discover your freedom. From scenic walks and iconic heritage sites to first class museums and vibrant cities, it’s time to explore more.

Did you know…

A recent study showed over a third of respondents intend to use the bus five days a week or more under the new scheme. Over half felt it would allow them to travel more independently and just under half of the parents, guardians and carers felt it would encourage more family journeys by bus too.

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Tell us what you think

What’s been good about free travel for you? How have you saved money? What new places have you discovered? We’d love to know. Tell us and we’ll publish your story.

Building precious memories

Margaret and Jack, 60, grandparents to Lockie, 5

What do you think about the Young Persons’ Free Bus Travel Scheme?

At first we thought that it would affect our free bus travel. But it won’t. In fact, it will make it better.

How will the scheme make your experience on the bus better?

We take care of our grandchildren during the holidays and this will let us take day trips here and there throughout the country – and all for free. It will allow us to build precious memories together.

What do your own kids think of your planned adventures?

A wee bit jealous, but really happy that we’re all getting out and enjoying this beautiful country.

More choice

Haleema, 13

What’s the biggest benefit about free bus travel for you?

Now I don’t have to worry about the cost of the bus, it’s going to make a huge difference on how much I can see my friends. Plus I’m going to have more money to spend on doing stuff when we hang out.

Will it change anything else for you?

Being able to travel on a bus for free means I have a bigger choice of where I apply for college or uni in the future. It’ll also leave me more money to spend on accommodation or going out with new friends.

Ewan Carmichael

Saving money out and about

Ewan, Young Scot volunteer

How will free bus travel help you and other young people?

For me, it’s improved many areas of my life – for work, I’m now able to travel quickly from home to my job without having to ever pay a fare if my family can’t drive me there or in an emergency where I need to get there. Socially, it’s allowed me more opportunities to go further afield – a particular favourite of mine is to go to Buchanan Street in Glasgow to enjoy the local musical talent. I’ve also seen the impact on young people generally – many more young people have used transport services, and the cost has been driven down to travel to school, work, or for social events.

Good for your pocket, good for the planet

Hear more about how free bus travel will help some young people.

Making day trips more affordable

Taking the bus is good for the planet and good for your pocket too. Take a look at some examples of the cost savings the scheme could offer you.

Day trip – A day out in time…

Dundee to Fossil Grove Victoria Park, Glasgow

Who: Mum, dad and two kids

Cost of travel before scheme: £42.60

Cost now: £27.40

Who: Grandparents and two children

Cost of travel before scheme: £15.20

Cost now: Free

Day trip – Skate away…

Largs to Unit 23 Skatepark, Dumbarton

Who: 17 year old

Cost of travel before scheme: £11.60

Cost now: Free

Getting the bus

If getting the bus is new to you, here are some handy tips for turning you into a bus-trip pro.

Getting and using your card

Nearly one million children and young people under 22 in Scotland can now benefit from free bus travel.

Planning a journey

It’s always a good idea to plan your journey but especially if you are new to it.

Going green

The scheme is part of the Scottish Government’s plan to build a fairer, greener society.